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Reliable, Effective Representation For Insurers, Insureds and Self-Insured Businesses

Experienced Appellate Attorneys

Successful appeals require in-depth understanding of the facts of a case, the pertinent laws and the courts and judges likely to review the arguments under question. Excellent legal writing skills are essential as well as powers of persuasion.

Lawyers at Conklin Benham, P.C., have brought many effective appeals over the years before the:

  • Michigan Court of Appeals
  • Michigan Compensation Appellate Commission
  • Michigan Supreme Court

Former clients’ appeals have largely been responding to general negligence and workers’ compensation decisions. Conklin Benham, P.C.’s appellate team members handle cases for clients of this firm and other law firms. The firm has developed a strong reputation in appeals throughout the Michigan legal community. A number of Michigan’s laws on negligence and workers’ compensation have come about or have been fine-tuned in part through court decisions resulting from appeals brought by Conklin Benham, P.C.

Request An Appellate Case Review By An Attorney

Trial lawyers, corporate clients and others evaluating appellate resources are welcome to inquire. A detailed review of the issues, the stakes and the unique aspects of a potential appeal will help determine the best course of action. For a timely response on any appellate law matter, call 248-593-2450.

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