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Defense Of Venues Serving Alcohol

After injuries in a traffic accident are traced to another driver’s impairment as a likely cause or contributing factor, a dram shop claim becomes possible. During the discovery phase of litigation, plaintiffs’ counsel may contend that a commercial establishment failed to take reasonable precautions to prevent drunk driving.

Common arguments are that servers in bars, restaurants and casinos were careless or perhaps were not well-trained on how to detect inebriation and stop sales to obviously drunk customers. Anyone responsible for having served liquor to the inebriated motorist may be targeted in a civil lawsuit, including the bar’s owner, the bar tender and the business’s insurer.

A strong defense is necessary in such serious injury cases of this type, to limit liability of the commercial establishment. Conklin Benham, P.C., from law offices throughout Michigan, meticulously investigates auto and truck accident scenarios that may lead to dram shop claims. Commercial venues and their insurers rely on the professionalism and determination of the lawyers of the firm to protect their interests.

The firm’s attorneys’ work ethic combined with a track record of successful defense cases translate to advantages for clients of Conklin Benham, P.C. Business owners count on the firm’s seasoned litigators to assert the business’s limited liability when facts warrant such a strategy.

Inquire About Defense In Dram Shop Cases

Experienced liability defense lawyers at Conklin Benham, P.C., represent commercial clients and their insurers in the face of dram shop claims throughout Michigan. For careful consideration of defense strategies, call 248-593-2450 to schedule a case review

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