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Reliable, Effective Representation For Insurers, Insureds and Self-Insured Businesses

Skilled Defense Lawyers Handling General Negligence And Intentional Tort Claims

General negligence covers a vast array of actions and omissions that may result in injury or loss. General negligence may amount to accidental wrongdoing. Intentional torts, on the other hand, involve intentional harm to others. Either scenario — general negligence or intentional torts — may lead to injury, loss and damage claims.

Defendants in general negligence and intentional tort claims may literally be anyone or any entity. A private individual, a company or corporation, a homeowners insurance company, a business liability company or any self-insured entity may turn to a reputable liability defense law firm for protection of rights and interests.

Conklin Benham, P.C., is well-prepared to take on any defense matter anywhere in Michigan. With years of experience spanning more than five decades and defense work in all jurisdictions of Michigan over the years, the firm is a logical choice for many in need of defense in injury cases.

Whatever the subject matter involved (the specific injuries and causation), plaintiffs will argue that the targeted defense party violated a duty of care that a reasonable person or entity would demonstrate in similar circumstances.

Effective defense in such a case will differ widely, from one set of facts to another and from one court venue to another. Lawyers at Conklin Benham, P.C., bring decades of experience to the cause of defending individuals, companies and insurers. Watching clients’ bottom lines is part of the ethic of excellence that is a core value at the law firm.

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