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In Defense Of Professionals Facing Liability Claims

Clients and patients look to health care professionals who care for them to exercise reasonable standards of care. When something goes wrong in a hospital or clinic, patients or investigators sometimes pinpoint nursing staff or other hospital or clinic staff as the wrongdoer. When this happens, careful analysis by expert witnesses and experienced attorneys is essential to confirm or deny the negligence or intentional torts.

Professional negligence cases are notoriously difficult to prove. For this reason, many plaintiffs’ attorneys bring only complex, egregious cases forward. Defense of such cases may be extra-challenging — but essential for the ongoing viability of the hospital, clinic or other caregiving practice or facility.

Professional liability cases make up a rather small proportion of the law practice at Conklin Benham, P.C. Attorneys at the firm are selective about which cases to accept. Expert witnesses of the highest caliber available contribute to the development of effective defense strategies.

To Discuss A Potential Professional Liability Defense Case

Inquiries about nursing liability defense or any other professional liability defense is welcome at Conklin Benham, P.C. In an initial consultation, an action plan can get underway already — even if the action planned is to, “Ask another law firm!” Potential clients are encouraged to be as selective as Conklin Benham, P.C., will be in determining the right fit.

Get a Michigan lawyer on the phone to discuss how to bring a nursing liability or another professional liability claim. Call 248-593-2450 to schedule a consultation that may lead to an immediate investigation.

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