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Reliable, Effective Representation For Insurers, Insureds and Self-Insured Businesses

Representation Of Employers And Insurers In Employment Law Matters

Employment law often seems to emphasize protection of employees at the expense of employers. Trends in employment-related claims and lawsuits may put pressure on employers. A lawsuit may threaten to erode reasonable limits of an employer’s alleged responsibility for a workplace environment. A skillful, knowledgeable advocate is an essential ally for employers in today’s litigious climate.

Conklin Benham, P.C., from law offices throughout Michigan, represents employers of all sizes and varieties in the face of claims of:

  • Discrimination according to race, age, religion or national origin
  • A hostile workplace environment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Civil rights violations
  • Wrongful termination
  • Retaliatory demotion or discharge

Years of practice defending businesses from unreasonable lawsuits have made Conklin Benham, P.C., a formidable opponent. Accomplished defense lawyers at the firm have proven repeatedly their ability to represent the employer’s position persuasively before agency hearings, courtroom settings and appellate courts.

Mom-and-pop employers, chain outlet franchisees and corporate human and resource (H&R) departments rely on Conklin Benham, P.C., to tell their side of the story compellingly. Employers’ insurers are often clients of the firm, independently or together with the employers themselves.

Counsel And Advocacy For Businesses With Employment Liability Challenges

Containing risk of employment-related lawsuits is an ongoing challenge in today’s business environment. With a longstanding tradition of litigation on the side of the defense Conklin Benham, P.C., capably represents employers and their insurers. Interested parties are invited to inquire and learn how the firm will work to contain liability. Schedule a consultation with an attorney by calling 248-593-2450.

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